Amanda Clyne.


I know many of you who have never drawn or painted anything really in your life, and yet have over flowing love over art in your heart. I know some of you may have attempted to draw or paint, but was not confident in your outcome. But let me tell you, that art is all about practice, and just having lots of patience. Take example of this most talented lady who has so much success in her art career:


Amanda Clyne was a corporate lawyer in New York City. In the year 2001, a tragic event that has marked a red mark in our history. 9/11 has given Amanda a terrifying trauma which came to a point she had to leave her firm and begin a new life as a professional painter. After achieving her degree in OCAD University in Toronto, her works have been featured in many different blogs or magazines in the art community.







Sketch 05.- Sidebar.

|side bar poem|


I know I have been reading Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey” for sketch inspiration, but here is something that I have always cherished and given me the confidence to live my life, loving myself and how to give back the love I receive.


Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt.

Alfredo De Souza.


Dance, like nobody is watching you.
Love, like you’ve never been hurt.
Sing, like nobody is listening to you.
Work, like you don’t need the money.
Live, like you’re on heaven on earth.
Assume today is the last day you live.

I read this poem when I was a teenager, and during that time everyone has their own drama. But I was a shy girl. I have often had times when I naturally hid my presence in a crowd. I never had drama. Never made drama, never went near drama. So my teenage years lacked a bit of entertainment. But as I got older it was difficult for me to do so. I had to be more confident. I had to be more vocal and I had to not be afraid to make conversation with total strangers.

This poem gave me the opportunity to seek my self confidence and be courageous. It was baby steps but I was transitioning my personality from being comfortable as non existence, to more opinionated, and vocal adult.



Love, like you’ve never been hurt;

It’s telling you that even though you already know what being “hurt” is like,


Like you’ve never been hurt before, like you could care less of what might come next, just express whatever is in your heart. Stop putting on the mask to hide.







“Story book mashed up into one page.”


There is an artist that I have been obsessing over in Instagram.


Instagram: @kaeun6010



Her name is Marie Choi, also known as Kaeun6010. She favoured medium is ink pen and paper, rendered on photoshop program.

The admiration is obvious as you can tell – since they are all beautiful, but nevertheless my favourite part of her works are that it narrates stories. Its not specified to a one particular story which has been already written by some storyteller. No, her drawing are troll of her thoughts mashed up into one mass. Its enjoyable to set your eyes from one side to the other picking out small pieces inside the whole, and examining them individually as it speaks on its own.



As been able to meet with the artist and had the privilege to see some of her rough art sketches, it was intriguing to see how her mind operates.


스크린샷 2017-07-11 오전 12.27.44.png

Night Garden Bouquet – by Kaeun6010 from Instagram. @kaeun6010


Be sure to check her out on Instagram, and ask any questions.



Sketch 04.

|Wood Panel |


Chronology video of my current piece that is up on my easel at the moment. I have this obsession with hands (as you might have already noticed), and my favourite surface when painting is wood panel. I have been using wood panel instead of canvases since my second year in University.


This time I have had this sketch for about 10 months already done and had it just sitting in my living room taking up a lot of space. But even though my tiny condo living room was already crowded  I had to have it there because it was there as a constant reminder that I will have to eventually sit down and start so I could finish it.

Well, today was that day. I finally had to put my foot down and say I will turn on the camera and do it.


<I sometimes get distracted when I’m watching shows while drawing>

Here I have a base sketch done with a pencil, then I use my watercolour colour pencils to make the drawing look more third dimensional. Then with watercoloring brush I added water on the colours to bring density and portray more illustrative effect to the drawing.

If you are planning on practicing drawing, take the wood panel in for a consideration. It is the most appealing surface to work with, especially when you admire the markings of trees.


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The Sketch 03.

Milk and Honey.

Rupi Kaur

|The Hurting|


if I knew what

safety looked like

I would have spent

less time falling into

arms that were not


Rupi Kaur is a writer that wants to challenge you on your conceptions of what it means to feel. Her poetry is wrought with sensorial and raw emotion accompanied by the lack of charade of rose-tinted romance.

Her magnum opus, Milk and Honey, delves into a range of deeper emotions sometimes we as humans refuse to acknowledge. Her ability to confront the reader with the darker shades of humanity makes her stand out within the ever evolving world of poetry. Her use of delicate imagery, frank language and straightforward unabashed emotion leads us on a journey into understand ourselves as individuals and challenges our conceptions of human connection.


Kaur’s visual art accompaniments to her pieces also speak for themselves, adding a rich dimension of senses to the reading palette, another element that makes her a pundit of sensorial literature. The sketch above illustrates my understanding of a quote that resonated deeply with me. Poetry lends itself to various interpretations therefore to truly convey the emotional connection I had with this piece, it feels apropos to do so in the form of visual art.


Similarly to art, literature can also give rise to a multitude of different interpretations therefore I am interested in what everyone else thinks of the phrase.


The Sketch 02.


|The face of Lost Control|


I wish I could handle pressure with a more level head.

제목 없음-1_Fotor.jpg

It’s a debilitating feeling when you lose control; the mind stagnates and we choke on the words we want to say because there’s so many cogs turning at once the machine just short circuits.

I’m no stranger to losing control and neither are you. It’s impossible to be perfect in our current fast paced environment which persistently demands us to be in constant motion.

Toronto Artist Finds 01.

Anda Kubis. – GTA.

|Transcendence of Art|



Toronto’s popular local artist and a chair of drawing and painting program in Ontario College of Art and Design, Anda Kubis had held her yet another solo exhibition at Newzones Gallery at Calgary past October to November. She is a Toronto base artist who lives on the West end of GTA, and often holds exhibitions at Bau-Xi Gallery located across from Art Gallery of Ontario, Downtown, Toronto. I had an opportunity to visit Calgary this past Winter and when I heard the news that she will be holding her solo show, “Chrominance”, I just had to be there to see her art in person.

Her works are transcendence of art. Her newest collection includes a chronologic transformation of visual art, blurring the boundaries between traditional and digital painting. The fragments of forms constructed in structured composition defines her years of experience and practice.


If you wish to stay in touch for her upcoming shows, visit, Anda Kubis Official Website for more details and newsletters.

Sketch 01.

Milk and Honey

by Rupi Kaur |Link:

||Chapter: The Hurting


How is it so easy for you to be kind to people he asked


Milk and honey dripped from my lips as I answered


Cause people have not been kind to me.

—- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —-


Killing with kindness.

When I first read through this poem, my head tilted to the side, and right away I had to reread the verses. It wasn’t that the words were too difficult, but I first didn’t understand the logic and theory behind her answer.

I asked myself: why would she be kind to those who have not treated her the same way?


And the answer came to me as an image.



Shape 4

It was a girl forcefully clinging her teeth on a human hand that was clawing out from her mouth, as golden honey dripped across the hand.


I had to sketch it out, even though there were still ambiguity in my understanding of this poem, I had to create the image into reality. But then as I visually laid it out onto a piece of paper, the uncertainty vanished.


She was killing with kindness.


Often in an occasion where you are encountered by an unpleasant individual it is simply easier to mirror the figurine and speak/ act the same as the personal. But as part of social community, that cannot always be the situation.

As much as I would like to make the people feel the same as I was treated, I would like to prove that I am better than them and rise above. Rise above and kill them with kindness.

This drawing is not the front mask of the girl’s kindness, but the painful restraining face of her true self. The Hurting is a chapter from Rupi Kaur’s book, “Milk and Honey”, and I think it was the Hurting pain that she was trying to hide with her milk and honey covered words.



Finds 00.

||Finds 01.||


Before getting into introducing artists of Toronto, I think it’s important for you to know more of who I am. I am a OCAD graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts with minor in communications design.


Beautistic is a combined word for beauty and artistic. I believe the true beautistic piece is something that changes your mood. When I begin my paintings I always try to aim to find a certain atmosphere. Whether it is to calm, distress, or make someone happy, I’d like to think it’s a special power to change someone’s mood by just looking at what I have created on a piece of canvas.


By reading about what to see and how to observe, you will begin to not just stand in front of an art hanging on the wall in a gallery, but will be able to fully understand the artist’s intentions. Then you will begin to start critiquing your own way and understand your taste in art.



Sketch 00.

|| My Sketchbook||


My post on Fridays are about my weekly sketches. I’d like to share my sources of inspiration with you. The reason is because, even though I was in the art industry for about 10 years now, after few years of working out of the loop it has made it difficult to find an inspiration to draw. it was even difficult to hold up a pen to begin to draw.


Then I thought, there may be people who are feeling the same – have always had love for the Arts but didn’t have any chance to learn or meet a friend who they could bounce off ideas back and forth and give inspiration to each other. I’d like to think this blog could be that friend.


I will be posting about my sources and open up my sketchbook to share my sketches. I hope this will give some people a drive to use their artistic mind to create something for themselves.